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By Douglas Hanna

Douglas Hanna is a retired advertising and marketing executive. He lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado with his wife and two dogs.

In his capacity as an advertising agency VP of Creative Services, Douglas worked closely with one of his state’s largest banks and one of its largest savings & loan institutions. These experiences taught him many of the financial tips and tricks you will find throughout this book.


In addition, Douglas has spent many years researching and writing about personal finances and is the author of more than 25 well-received ezine articles on the subject. Douglas has also written more than 200 other articles on a variety of subjects.

Douglas knows from personal experience how difficult it can be to survive financially during tough times. As a 23-year old, Douglas found himself supporting a wife and baby on less than $5500 a year.  This led him to a strong interest in personal money management, which has lasted throughout his adult life.


“My life was very difficult for a number of years,” Douglas recently said. Given these experiences, he decided to learn everything he could about cutting costs and saving money. “While these times were tough,” he said,  ‘I was able to get through them by learning many of the money-saving techniques I have included in this book.”


His book is dedicated to all those of you who are interested in cutting costs and surviving tough times like Douglas.


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